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117 Crossfield Dr
Versailles, KY, 40383
United States

(859) 879-8737

Nitro USA, Inc. produces custom rhinestone transfers for the Ad Promo markets, decorators, businesses and retailers. We'd love to speak with you today. 

Application Instructions

With 20 years of experience in design application and apparel decorating, I’m happy to explain the process.
— Brenda, Nitro's Lead Production Manager

Application Instructions

1. Peel design from backing.
2. Place.
3. Set temperature, time and pressure accordingly.(See Press Conditions for further info)
4. Cover with teflon sheet and press.
5. Rub design immediately with a towel, peel clear adhesive tape carefully to insure stones adhere.
6. Cover with teflon and press again.
7. Wash inside out, gentle cycle, tumble dry low.

Press Conditions

*Always test fabrics prior to applying.


Garment type        Pressure(lbs)        Time(seconds)        Temp(F)

Lightweights            15-20                        10-15                  325-335

Heavyweights          20-30                        15-20                  325-335

Mixed size and         20-30                        15-20                  325-335

style rhinestones   

Metallic rhinestuds     20                          10-12                   325-335

Additional Info

1. Take projecting buttons, zippers and other thick sections into consideration!
2. If impressions have been caused by clear adhesive tape; steaming or applying the heat press once more, typically regenerates the fabric structure.


Call or email with any questions you may have! 859-879-8737 or