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117 Crossfield Dr
Versailles, KY, 40383
United States

(859) 879-8737

Nitro USA, Inc. produces custom rhinestone transfers for the Ad Promo markets, decorators, businesses and retailers. We'd love to speak with you today. 

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your trusted rhinestone partner!

-Wholesale domestic production -Fast Turns -Drop ship friendly

-High Quality Rhinestones that don't come off

-Great pricing so you can profit

Call us to discuss you project. We're easy to talk to 859-879-8737. With over 20 years in the apparel business, we're here to help you get your project done. Do you need help figuring out bling? That's our job. Let's wow your client together.

Need a fast custom order quote? We want to help! Whether you Need transfers you can apply or a complete Decoration project... we can do it.

send us an email, give us a call or submit a quote.

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859-879-8737 or

We’re fast, we’re good, I love working with clients. I want more!
— William K. Goebel, Nitro's VP of Operations

Nitro USA, Inc. Custom Rhinestone Transfers

Whether you're an ASI distributor, decorator, a retailer, or a business looking to self promote, we provide full service apparel decorating. We design, produce and apply our distinctive rhinestone creations in house, but that's not all. Learn more about what we're best known for here.

Call us today to speak about your project! We want to work with you.  

859-879-8737 or

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.